If your computer has an in-built microphone, loudspeaker and webcam, you do not need external hardware to use Adobe Connect. However, to minimize sound issues (e.g. echo) a headset is recommended. To ensure that everything works, we highly recommend running the pre-meeting test.

The video below describes how to set up Adobe Connect for an online lecture or a webinar. You can also download this pdf-guide on how to use Adobe Connect (dansk udgave af pdf guiden kan hentes her).

Video of how to set up Adobe Connect in Absalon and run an online lecture.

Please note: Problems have been discovered with the Adobe Connect installation through Absalon for certain persons; some teachers will not be promoted to “Host” in the Adobe Connect platform and therefore cannot show PowerPoint, show webcam or speak in the microphone. It is very important that you, as a teacher check (the day before) that you become Host when you enter the room, i.e. that you can see the two icons for microphone and webcam in the top.