The aim of this collection of resources is to share knowledge of tools and practical teaching experiences in the University of Copenhagen, and to inspire and support teachers in using online and blended learning in their teaching.


The editors and primarily authors are e-learning consultants across the University, but teachers and researchers have also contributed.

Background and future

This site on online and blended learning was established as part of the strategic project “OBL 2016”.

The site will be developed continuously: tools, cases from teachers and inspirational themes will be added, and we appreciate any feedback from our users, so if you have any suggestions or ideas, please let us know!


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Centres and institutes of relevance

You can find centers and institutes at University of Copenhagen with focus on didactics and learning; not necessarily with focus on online & blended learning.

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Centre for Online and Blended Learning (COBL): The center works to promote better education through skilled use of educational technologies and inclusion of digital learning resources across the Faculty’s many study programmes, courses and training activities

Faculty of Science
IT Learning Center (ITLC) The center is working on making it easier for faculty teachers to use ICT in teaching. They do this by making tools available to teachers and also providing education and guidance in the use of tools. The objective is that the teachers should be able to apply IT in education, where it is beneficial for the learning process.

Department of Science Education (DSE): The department offers a study programme to researchers and staff, and they tailor courses in didactics, presentation skills and communication as well as science education. Moreover, they carry out a number of research and development projects.

Faculty of Social Sciences
Teaching and Learning Unit of Social Sciences (TLU): One of the main purposes of the  is to assist academic staff to become skillful lecturers and supervisors through workshops and supervision within teaching and learning including the use of digital learning resources.

Faculty of Humanities
TEACH: The aim of the center is to promote better education at the Faculty of Humilities by developing didactic competencies and the skills to use ICT in teaching.

Faculty of Law
The Learning Team in ICT The team help lecturers with inspiration for their teaching and communication, and act as a sounding board for pedagogic and didactic ideas.

Additional ressources

You can find many good resources about online and blended learning around the web. We have collected some of them here, and may add more.

Active learning: tools and tips
Selected tools and tips to help you get started with online or blended learning.
Jan H. Jensen, Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen

Experiences from Chresteria Neutzsky-Wulff and her colleagues from a project on learning and education.
Chresteria Neutzsky-Wulff, Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen

More cases from UCPH
A collection of experiences regarding online and blended learning at UCPH.

Akademisk IT, RUC (in Danish)
Inspiration and help for teachers on using IT in their teaching.
Roskilde University

Toolbox, DTU
E-learning toolbox
Technical University of Denmark