Online discussion fora (Asynchronous)

In an asynchronous online discussion forum the students can discuss, collaborate and solve academic problems together. It is suitable for student participation and reflection and also for creating and maintaining a good learning environment in the course.

Learning Management Systems

Allows teachers and students to administrate, document, track, report and submit work online.

Online quizzes and tests

Use online quizzes and tests as tools to quickly assess your students’ knowledge and give immediate feedback on their answers.

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Inviting world-class researchers into the classroom – for free!

Bjarne Simmelkjær Sandgaard Hansen : Bjarne Sandgaard had planned a course with high-profile researchers in various fields from around the world, but loss of funding almost forced him and his colleagues to cancel the course...

Reflections on the first time using digital learning tools

Jesper Høgenhaven : How does it feel to use digital learning tools for the first time in your lectures ? See this interview where Jesper Høgenhaven shares his experiences

In order to understand the rules I teach, one must understand the real problems and know of the actual reality out there

Lasse Baaner : To film and make small movies are very natural for the younger generation, we can learn a lot from them. Don’t hesitate – go and try things out

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Digital compendium

Do you want to make your compendium to be more visual and interactive? This article provides some inspiration.

Evaluate student learning with e-learning tools

How do you integrate online and blended tools in your teaching so it is possible to observe the students’ learning outcomes? This article will show you how.

Getting started

Completely “flipping” your classroom with videos, clicker questions, etc. is a lot of work. One way to make it happen is to do it in stages. It’s better to do a little bit than nothing at all.

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