Getting Started

More Absalon

  • Syllabus

    The Syllabus makes it easy to communicate with your students precisely what will be required of them throughout the course.
  • Discussions in Absalon

    In an asynchronous online discussion forum, the students can discuss, collaborate and solve academic problems together. It is suitable for student participation and reflection and for creating and maintaining a good learning environment in the course.
  • How students can share content

    There are several ways that students can share content such as assignments, articles or other relevant material in Absalon. Based on your preferences you can choose your preferred way from below list.
  • App for Canvas

    Absalon is based on the learning platform Canvas. Canvas has an app for Android and iOS where you can access your courses in Absalon.
  • Groups

    Learn about Groups in Absalon and how to create different groups throughout your course.
  • Pages

    Pages can be used to organize and display content - or you and your students can collaborate in pages or create wikis.
  • Assignments

    Assignments can be many things. Absalon supports written or multimedia assignments, different types of quizzes as well as online discussions and surveys.
  • Quizzes and surveys

    While students can use quizzes to test their knowledge before lectures, classes or graded exams, quizzes can serve as an alternative to teacher’s usual assessment tool. They can often motivate students to come to class prepared.
  • Conferences

    A video conference is a real time meeting or a lecture between people in different locations, supported by video and audio signals and possibly shared resources like a shared screen.
  • Peer feedback

    Reading and giving feedback to fellow students’ work, as well as receiving feedback from other students can have a great impact on learning.
  • Commons

    Find content through the Commons function and get inspiration for your own course; and share your own courses with colleagues.