A few good reasons for engaging your students in a peer feedback session from the Center for writing at University of Michigan:

  • the students get opportunities to develop their ability to give constructive feedback
  • they receive advice on their drafts
  • they have a broader audience for their work than just a single instructor
  • and they see different approaches other students have taken in responding to an assignment

Peergrade is a tool that facilitates peer feedback sessions for students. It is available from Absalon where students give feedback to peers online. Peergrade keeps track on whether the students have submitted their assignment and whether they have given peer feedback within deadline. When using Peergrade for peer feedback there are a few things to notice:

  1. First time you use Peergrade in your Absalon course you have to establish the connection between Absalon and Peergrade.
  2. When the integration is in place you can create the assignment in Absalon using “Peer feedback” in the menu.
  3. Then you have to enter the assignment settings.
  4. Remember to inform your students about the assignment, where they find it in Absalon and your thoughts about peer feedback, which criteria to use for feedback etc.
  5. During and after the peer feedback period you follow the students submissions and feedback in Peergrade. Please find more inspiration here.

Students enter the assignment through Absalon by selecting Peer feedback in the course menu. More information about how to use Peergrade as a student is available on Getting started as a student.

Experience says that students are positive about giving peer feedback. It is inspiring to read each other’s assignments and feedback comments. The quality of the feedback can vary from student to student therefore use meaningful and open-ended questions for feedback to motivate the students to participate actively.