What is it?

Quizzes and tests have been used in teaching for decades, but in recent years they have become more valuable as online tools for assessing levels of knowledge. Because online quizzes and tests can be automated, teachers are able to give immediate feedback on each answer using pre-written explanations. This means students can easily see what they are getting right and where they need to improve. Moreover, they aren’t just told that they are wrong, but are given ways to improve.dreng-laptop-glad

What is the value?

Students can access online quizzes and tests anywhere at any time. Thus they can take the quizzes and tests before, during and after classes and lectures, which also means that the quizzes can serve as an alternative to the teacher’s usual assessment tool. Students can use them to test their knowledge before lectures, classes or graded exams. Since they are given feedback as they take the quiz or test, they can respond quickly and improve areas in which they have a low score.

Which Software Should I choose?

Absalon, the University’s learning management system, has an integrated quiz/test functionality that lets you set up tests using a wide variety of question types.

Learn how to use quiz/test in Absalon.


If you want to know more about how to get started, please contact the e-learning consultants at your faculty.