Online Collaboration 

With online collaboration the prospect for the students to reflect and interact is given in a different way, than in the face-to-face environment. The face-to-face environments demands spontaneity and confidence to express oneself in a group setting, and there is not always time for reflection and dialogue in the lectures (D. R. Garrison (2005)). By adding collaboration online the sense of community will be supported even more, and the students will communicate in a new flow. It creates the possibility for the students to reflect in a longer period, and to feel responsible for the group interaction. In addition the students can collaborate across time and place, which makes the interaction easier than if the students had to meet face-to-face.

If you want your students to collaborate you can use the integrated online collaboration tool in Absalon, eg. integration of Google Doc:



Or the students can work together to create a page:

If you want your students to be able to see and interact with a page, you can turn a page into a collaborative document for the whole class by changing your page-setting to “Teacher and Students” or “Anyone”. See how to edit a page

Or you can use Padlet for student contributions and feedback as well as follow-up on group work and sharing information in class. Read more about how to use Padlet here.