What is it?

Padlet enables teachers and students to work together and share knowledge online while working alone or in small groups. Students and teachers can add content to an online wall/canvas.

Watch this short video about Padlet:

What is the value?

Share visual input such as text, images, links and videos created by small groups in a larger setting with many groups by distributing and collaborating using Padlet. You can use the notes for students’ contributions through group work, feedback on reading, raised questions prior to or in class, open brainstorms, back channel etc.

Didactic Tips

Padlet is a very flexible tool. Use it for student collaboration and knowledge sharing in class or for documenting group work and make the results available in and outside class. The notes entered online are available to everybody with the link and can be discussed, reconstructed or agreed upon and saved for further reference. In this way you can return to your Padlet again and again and continue working with the content throughout the semester.

You can also use Padlet in an attempt to receive, the students direct feedback on what challenges they have in the subject. Introduce links or QR codes to a Padlet where you ask the students to answer e.g. “What are the 3 most important things you have learned in the subject so far?” or “What do you still find difficult to understand?” and promise that you will answer the questions in the forthcoming lectures. It can give the students a good opportunity to consider their learning outcome of the subject.

When working with Padlet consider how many students can participate in Padlet in the same time and still have the overview of the number of notes.

Which Software Should I choose?

Get a UCPH license for Padlet it is free of charge for UCPH staff.

Get your account via ITs Serviceportal, select “New order” and search for “Padlet”. Afterwards you will receive a mail with access to your Padlet account.

Use ucph.padlet.org to log-on to your KU-user

Even more

You can even integrate your Padlet into your Absalon course. Please watch this short video to see how:

If you want to know more about how to get started, please contact the e-learning consultants at your faculty.