• Please follow this advice: divide your presentation into chunks of 10-15 min.
    If your videos get too long you may experience upload problems.
    Secondly when watching an online lecture the students’ concentration span is short.
  • If you cannot access My media you might need to enable third party cookies.
    If that is not working either try another browser like Firefox or Opera.
  • Notice that capacity is a problem across all platforms currently – so if you can record and particularly upload your video outside 8:30-15:00 the chance of success is greater!

Video tutorial of how to capture a PowerPoint Presentation through My media in Absalon.

Pdf guide: Make a Screen Capture in My Media

Video tutorial showing how to share media from My media with your students.

Pdf guide: How to upload a media in Absalon and share with your students

Beside having the recorded presentation in Absalon you should use the possibility to set up a discussion in Absalon as eg. a Q&A or  use Padlet to get questions or responses from your students.


Exsample of a setup in Modules in Absalon

Set up a module

Alternative use the big step-by-step guide.