What is it?

A pencast is a recording of your writings or drawings, typically with a voiceover in which you explain your drawings. You can draw on paper, your computer or tablet. The program can be used on different software and hardware. The output is a video that you can upload to Absalon, video.ku.dk, YouTube, etc.

Here is an example of a pencast made by Morten Nyboe Tabor.

!–The first example (in danish) is from assoc.prof., PhD Ulf Madsen,
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UNICPH

The second example is from Khan Academy, where you can find free online videos of subjects like Chemistry.


What is the value?

A pencast is especially useful for those who use formulas and equations, or who simply like to write on a board while they talk. Students can use the videos to prepare for lectures or to revise during the course. A big advantage is that the students can watch the pencast and hear the explanations again and again.

Which Software Should I choose?

There are several options if you want to make a pencast. Here are two suggestions.

Wacom Intuos Medium
A drawing board, eg Wacom Intuos Medium as shown in the picture, makes it possible to draw graphs and models, or write mathematical formulas during online lectures (live or recorded), practice lessons and tutorial meetings.

It will never be the same as writing on a whiteboard or whiteboard, but the digital format opens up the possibility of reusing and sharing the digital drawings or drawing on top of slides, images and screen splits.
Contact the nearest e-learning consultant at your faculty to find out more about the possibilities of getting a Wacom Intuos Medium.


Explain everything is an app for iOS, Android and Windows.


Using a tablet like iPad, you would probably want a pen as well to make more precise writings and drawings. A cheap, but useful pen you can find her.

You can also use a camera (smartphone) and simply record your drawings on the blackboard or whiteboard.


If you want to know more about how to get started, please contact the e-learning consultants at your faculty.